Wenabi's blog

Welcome to our blog! Here we publish articles to help you better understand volunteering in companies and discover how to get involved as a citizen or as a company with nonprofit organizations. 

Questions we are asked

Wenabi is a social company serving the purpose of Tech for Good. Its legal form is a SAS.  Wenabi is labelled as a ESUS (Social Utility Entreprise).

Is training required to learn how to use the platform? 

Wenabi’s platform is thought out to be accessible to all employees, without any training required. The administrators can get specific support from Wenabi’s teams. 

Is the platform available worldwide or just in France? 

Wenabi is available in France and in over 69 countries (translated in 37 languages). It is deployed in a large number of subsidiary companies of our partner companies.

Does working remotely complexify the development of engagement programs?

The development of remote-working is an opportunity for social engagement as it allows employees to engage themselves closer to where they live. In addition, new forms of engagement have emerged with more missions that can be done remotely.