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wenabi helps your employees support a greater cause by getting them involved with volunteering.

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A unique platform with many types of volunteering

Discover the platform that unites companies and associations. Our simple and comprehensive tool makes volunteering easy.

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More than 100 companies and 80,000 employees involved with wenabi!

Why use wenabi?

Attract and retain new talent

Younger workers are looking to make a difference. 90% of new graduates want to work for a socially responsible company. Effective corporate social responsibility provides for an attractive company and happy employees.

Make your brand shine in a whole new way

First and foremost, employee volunteer projects demonstrate the commitment of your brand. They let you take specific actions to build long-lasting personal relationships with your stakeholders.

A concrete, inclusive, and effective CSR strategy

Getting your employees involved in volunteer projects has never been easier. Evaluate the effects of your strategy on your partner associations in real time.

Recruit experienced and motivated volunteers

Choose from a large selection of skill sets and professions listed directly on the platform. Work with motivated individuals who are eager to commit to a cause they hold dear to their hearts.

Create new partnerships with companies

We put you in contact with companies who are eager to get involved for the greater good. Join a dynamic community and unleash the potential of your projects.

Save time managing your volunteers!

Our platform was designed just for you. A simple, responsive, and intuitive tool for managing all your volunteer projects.

Commit to a good cause

You'd like to get involved and do something good, but don't know how to get started or rarely have the time? wenabi can help. Select the type of volunteer work, the association, and your availability. Volunteer whenever you can for the cause of your choice.

A new way to use your skills

All skills are important. Use yours to help an association reach its goals and grow personally in the process. Your know-how and experience will make all the difference.

Discover the world of associations from the inside

Meet the people who work hard every day to make a difference. A unique experience that lets you build relationships with those you help.

Where do I start?

Une femme servant un repas gratuit.
Charity work
Un homme travaillant devant un ordinateur.
Skills-based assistance
Un homme parainant un autre homme, en posture de mentor, une main sur l'epaule.
Une femme effectuant un don en euros.
Une femme et un homme se tapant du poing, comme un salut, comme un check.

There are many volunteer opportunities on the wenabi platform for helping associations and social entrepreneurs with their projects

A man presents the key figures


The wenabi platform helped me to take the step to get involved. After my job, I could easily go and lend a hand to the association La balade des lucioles which helps the homeless. A great moment of exchange and solidarity!

Employee at Fnac Darty

Breakfast distribution at la Balade des Lucioles

Our nonprofits

Feel free to ask us anything!

The wenabi team will be happy to answer all your inquiries and help make your volunteer project a success.

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